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  • October 2

    Meredith’s Fall “Must-Haves”

    1. Assorted Suzanne Kalan Jewelry

    Photo Courtesy of: Suzanne Kalan


    So it’s “offich”, fall has fallen!  Yes, you will probably need a jacket.  Well, one from the oversized, minimal, menswear trend, but also one to cozy up onto your lobes.  Thankfully, we have Pamela Love around to have started that trend that has spread like wildfire to create the new basic earring.

    So!  I am going to make this really simple for you and very brief.  Here are your TOP TEN FALL MUST HAVE JEWELRY items or at least some insight into some amazing designers that you will need to pic a piece up from to add to your ever so beautiful and growing collection.

    *please note, these styles will not expire with the onset of 2015!


    2. Pamela Love Fine Jewelry- Diamond, White Rose Cut Diamond and Gold “Five Spike” Earrings

    Avail: Barney’s


    3. Karapetyan Josephine Ring- Yellow Gold with Pearl

    avail: Karapetyan



    4. Le Buisson Genevieve Gauckler “Patacorp” Pendant- 14K Gold with Diamonds

    Avail: Le Buisson



    5. Uribe Jewelry

    Avail: Colette

    Collage Image Courtesy of Style.com





    6. Meredith Kahn Diamond Love Twist rings- 14K Rose Gold with White Diamonds

    Avail: Meredith Kahn



    7. Moritz Glik Shaker Rings- 14K Gold with Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire

    Avail: Moritz Glik


    8. Bracelet Bouddhiste Baan: These bracelets are made in Tibet by Monks and each one is blessed.  You are to wear an odd number, never take them off and they will bring you luck!!  Its fun to wear a ton and give them away to a friend during a special moment!

    Avail: Babby-Buddha Paris



    9. Aurelie Bidermann Fine- Diamond, Ruby and Gold “Big Apple” Keeper Earring

    Avail: Barney’s



    10. Chloe Delfine Chain Bracelet

    Avail: Saks Fifth Avenue







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