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  • November 5

    Paige Novick’s new line PHYNE is so FINE!!!

    If you have loved what Paige Novick has done with her eponymous line of Fashion Jewelry so far, wait til you see what she is doing now!

    You have probably already noticed how many of the jewelry brands you love are up to bat in the field of Fine Jewelry.   This is not an easy task, and it doesn’t always work or make sense.  There has been a big BOOM in the Fine Jewelry world, and Paige Novick has jumped onto the bandwagon…..and it is totally WORKING!

    Paige invited me to her presentation last week to check out the new collection for Spring 2015, and I wanted to walk out of there with everything.  The way she embraces who she is and conveys her already established aesthetic into her new Fine Jewelry Collection has proven to be a beautiful success.  Join me in perusing her collection of wire collars and cuffs, ear climbers and jackets, and a plethora of delicate ways to adorn your digits.

    PHYNE by Paige Novick

    Phyne Neck

    wire necks

    hand on neck

    Phyne rings on handmePhyne ear climbers


    Wire cuffs




  • October 2

    Meredith’s Fall “Must-Haves”

    1. Assorted Suzanne Kalan Jewelry

    Photo Courtesy of: Suzanne Kalan


    So it’s “offich”, fall has fallen!  Yes, you will probably need a jacket.  Well, one from the oversized, minimal, menswear trend, but also one to cozy up onto your lobes.  Thankfully, we have Pamela Love around to have started that trend that has spread like wildfire to create the new basic earring.

    So!  I am going to make this really simple for you and very brief.  Here are your TOP TEN FALL MUST HAVE JEWELRY items or at least some insight into some amazing designers that you will need to pic a piece up from to add to your ever so beautiful and growing collection.

    *please note, these styles will not expire with the onset of 2015!


    2. Pamela Love Fine Jewelry- Diamond, White Rose Cut Diamond and Gold “Five Spike” Earrings

    Avail: Barney’s


    3. Karapetyan Josephine Ring- Yellow Gold with Pearl

    avail: Karapetyan



    4. Le Buisson Genevieve Gauckler “Patacorp” Pendant- 14K Gold with Diamonds

    Avail: Le Buisson



    5. Uribe Jewelry

    Avail: Colette

    Collage Image Courtesy of Style.com





    6. Meredith Kahn Diamond Love Twist rings- 14K Rose Gold with White Diamonds

    Avail: Meredith Kahn



    7. Moritz Glik Shaker Rings- 14K Gold with Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire

    Avail: Moritz Glik


    8. Bracelet Bouddhiste Baan: These bracelets are made in Tibet by Monks and each one is blessed.  You are to wear an odd number, never take them off and they will bring you luck!!  Its fun to wear a ton and give them away to a friend during a special moment!

    Avail: Babby-Buddha Paris



    9. Aurelie Bidermann Fine- Diamond, Ruby and Gold “Big Apple” Keeper Earring

    Avail: Barney’s



    10. Chloe Delfine Chain Bracelet

    Avail: Saks Fifth Avenue






  • September 19

    MY NYFW: Sept 2014

    Featured Image: Gabriela Artigas wearing Gabriela Artigas

    With Paris Fashion Week on its way,  I am finally getting my NYFW post up!  It is now all a blur so thank goodness I have photos to show you how people really brought it!  I will say, NOW is the time for Jewelry.  After attending 3 presentations and two dinners, Jewelry is what people are peacocking around in, and Im definitely not mad at it!

    Below you will find the Dannijo Jewelry and Accessory Presentation, which kicked off the week, followed by Lulu and George Frost, (by the ever so romantic couple Lisa Salzer and Marlon Taylor-Wiles), and the Pamela Love Fine Jewelry dinner at the Spotted Pig.  The rest is a stream of people Ive chased down the street or harassed at parties to snap up some pics of their sweet style!

    Dannijo Spring 2015 Presentation (below)



    DJ-girl-with-hawk-bagDj-girl-in-denim DJ_earringblue-girls-at-DJ

    Lulu and George Frost Spring 2015 Presentation (below)

    Lisa-and-Marlon Lisa and Marlon dancing

    LF_case.zoom LF_Cases

    Pamela Love Fine Jewelry Dinner (below)

    PL.1 PL-neck PL-and-MH

    BLINGIN’ on the Streets! (below)


    Bracelet is Vintage YSL


    Leandra Medine of Man Repeller wears Khai Khai rings, Aurelie Bidermann bracelet, Jennifer Fisher Bracelets and Gaydamak Jewellery feather Palm Cuff


    Necklace by Phillips House Fine Jewelry


    Cuff by Chloe


    Collar by Vivetta


    Sterling Silver Heart Lariat Necklace by See Me Hearts


    Hands of Langley Fox.  Assorted pieces by Catbird, Pamela Love, and Meredith Kahn


    Thats Me!!  Front and “Lincoln” Center!  Im doused in my rings (Meredith Kahn) with some bracelets by Rebecca Minkoff and Miansai




    Left: Vintage cuff and ring  Right: Necklace by Miu Miu


    Left: Jenne Lombardo wearing Laura Cantu Necklace  Right: Fiona of  Byrne Notice wearing Nora Kogan Ring


    Alice and Olivia Dress with Dior Tribal Pearl Earring


    Karine of Baby-Buddha wearing assorted pieces by Meredith Kahn, Spinelli Kilcollin, Lizzie Mandler, and more!


    Left: Gabriela Artigas wearing her own rings!  Right: Door girl wearing Gabriela Artigas Collar Necklace

    AnnaSheffieldAnna Sheffield wearing Anna Shefffield

  • August 29

    Look to the Stars

    Photo Courtesy of: Chanel

    “Celeste Brooch” (as pictured above)  is part of the “Bijoux de Diamants”.  This collection celebrates  Chanel’s 80th Anniversary of Chanel Fine Jewelry .

    For Centuries we have been looking up.  The stars take us home,  and the moon brings us the tide (while it toys with our emotions).  Together the moon and stars tell us who we will be and how we will function.  The sky brings us the light, the dark, the clouds, the rain and snow, thunder and lightening, and is filled with mysteries that keep Astronomers up late at night searching for answers to infinite questions.

    Aside from all this mysterious magic, let’s not forget it’s beauty.  Some of the seduction is simply, how damn beautiful it is. Getting lost between the stars is what the Night Sky is all about. The beauty of the sky of course cannot be captured, however, for decades, jewelers have been paying homage in their own ways by creating their own little pieces of magic.

    Of course, H. Stern and Chanel have claimed this territory as well as newcomers like Kismet by Milka, Colette Jewelry and my new favorite discovery, Bibi Van Der Velden.  How can anyone not be inspired by the magic of the night?  This is NOT a trend.  Trends die.  The Cosmic Universe will  forever be rediscovered over and over again, as it is by the many designers featured below.



    “Cloud Collection” Courtesy of: Bibi Van Der Velden




    Runa “Storm Mono Earring” (avail: modaoperandi.com)

    Renee Lewis “Pearl and Diamond-Rimmed ‘shake’ pendant Necklace” (avail: www.barneys.com)

    H. Stern “Anel Highlight Star Top Ring”.  Photo courtesy of Cindy Tong

    Pamela Love Fine Jewelry “Sapphire, Black Diamond and Gold ‘Luna’ Ring” (avail: www.barneys.com)

    Kisment by Milka “Eter Crescent Ring” (avail: www.kismetbymilka.com)

    Dries Van Noten “Crystal Star Necklace”


    Photo Courtesy of: www.scalaregia.blogspot.com

    Queen Amelia of Portugal “Diamond Star Necklace”




    Dior “Virgo Pendant” (Photo courtesy of: Dior)

    Kismet by Milka “White Diamond Single Star Earring” (avail: www.365ist.com )

    Renee Lewis “Antique Crescent and Snake Necklace” (photo courtesy of: www.beladora.com)

    Sophie Brille “Brahe Dauphin Etoile Earring” (avail: www.net-a-porter.com)

    Solange Azagury-Partridge “Pisces Ring” (avail: www.solange.co.uk)

    Kismet & Millo Collaboration “Black Diamond Star Ear Cuff” (avail: www.designsbymillo.com)



    Photo courtesy of: H. Stern

    H. Stern Star Jewelry being worked on at the Rio de Janiero workshops


    Photo Courtesy of: Neiman Marcus

    H. Stern “Star Collection”



    Photo Courtesy of: Harper’s Bazaar

    Dries Van Noten “Star Tassel Neckalce”



    Givenchy “Pale Gold Small Star Shark Earring” (avail: www.barneys.com)

    Renee Lewis “Pearl and Diamond Moon Drop Earrings” (avail: www.barneys.com)

    Holly Dyment “Diamond Crescent Earrings” (avail: www.hollydyment.com)

    H. Stern “Diamond Star and Colored Stone Earrings” (avail: www.hstern.net)



    All Jewelry Courtesy of: Colette Jewelry


    Photo Courtesy of:  Colette Jewelry







  • August 8

    Inside The Case: ROSEARK

    One of the very many favorite things about my job is how organically it weaves into my life.  Happy accident?  Well, that is yet to be determined.  Whilst in LA for a brief visit with my very best friend, Fashion Stylist Extraordinaire, Britt Bardo, (whom i like to call my, “sister from another mister”) a light bulb goes off inside my head as I stalk her latest stacks.  Kathy Rose of Roseark is just minutes away from us and has one of the most beautifully curated Jewelry stores in all of, well, anywhere.  I quickly decide to organize a trip over to the store and create my latest entry which Roseark will christen…..”Inside the Case”.

    Kathy is one of those people who somehow manages to bring me to tears every time we get together.  Not sure what it is, but whatever is it…its powerful!!  I’d like to think I’m special, but something tells me Kathy has that affect on more then just me.  That is what happens when you walk inside of Roseark.  There is magic there.  You will see collections you’ve never seen in your life and feel as though they are from another world.  You will see collections that you are familiar with but her selection keeps them fresh and unique.  Then of course there is Kathy’s line of beautious amulets and creatures.  The thing about Kathy’s pieces is that you can literally put on every piece from her case, and you feel as if they are your own,  enhancing your already decided upon look.  Her vibe is organic with a LUXE tone that is approachable.  Using nature as her inspiration, she infuses arrowheads, snakes, and eagles all with the very many assorted shapes and cuts of diamonds to turn them into living breathing ornaments on your body.

    So B and I roll over there and seriously, what better sidekick to come on as Contributing Editor to this post than this one.   I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I enjoyed my time with Britt and Kathy at Roseark.  (“Thank You”, my special Ladies)


    Roseark: 1111 N. Crescent Heights Boulevard/ West Hollywood/ CA 90046/ T. 310.395.6706



    Kathy Rose Jewelry Case


    Kathy wears: Kathy Rose Ring/ Diamond Stud Earring/ Jill Hoffmeister Diamond Ear Cuff


    Britt wears: Made Her Think Silver Pave Ring/ Meredith Kahn Diamond Love Twist Ring/ Daniela Villegas Protection Ring and Blow Bracelet/ Baby Buddha Paris Bangles (her own)


    Amazing Rock Creature!!/ Daniela Villegas Blow Bracelet, Potamoi Cuff and Protection Ring


    Daniela Villegas Rafaga Opal and Lapis Wrap Bracelet, Wings Earrings (assorted)


    Kathy wears: K. Brunini Ring (index)/ Kathy Rose Ring/ Kathy Rose Assorted Bangles/ Vintage Turquoise Cuff

    Britt wears: Baby Buddha Paris Bangles (her own)/ Made Her Think Silver Pave Ring/ Meredith Kahn Diamond Love Twist/ BOAZ Pearl ring


    BOAZ Jewelry Case


    K. Brunini Jewels Jewelry Case


    Hanut Singh Jewelry Case


    Opal Pendant and Ring: Hanut Singh/ Meredith Kahn Diamond Love Twist Ring


    Alan Stuck Rattle Snake Fang Charms


    Britt wears: Runa Star Ear Cuff


    Runa Jewelry Case


    Assorted Miansai Naomi Cuffs


    Huckleberry assorted Rings


    Britt wears: Jacquie Aiche Ear Climber


With 13 years of jewelry experience, and decades of being obsessed with all things built with love and made to sparkle, OPJ is simply about, "other people's jewelry". Between having my own lines, Made Her Think and Meredith Kahn, my years of consulting and collaborative work with various Designers and Brands, Ive come across the most intriguing and inspiring bodies of work. In my curation of what has inspired me, Ive stored thousands of tear sheets, multiple collage journals and drawers of vintage and antique jewelry. I have met collectors, designers, obsesssers and muses that I feel it is my job to share with the Universe.


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