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August 8

Inside The Case: ROSEARK

One of the very many favorite things about my job is how organically it weaves into my life.  Happy accident?  Well, that is yet to be determined.  Whilst in LA for a brief visit with my very best friend, Fashion Stylist Extraordinaire, Britt Bardo, (whom i like to call my, “sister from another mister”) a light bulb goes off inside my head as I stalk her latest stacks.  Kathy Rose of Roseark is just minutes away from us and has one of the most beautifully curated Jewelry stores in all of, well, anywhere.  I quickly decide to organize a trip over to the store and create my latest entry which Roseark will christen…..”Inside the Case”.

Kathy is one of those people who somehow manages to bring me to tears every time we get together.  Not sure what it is, but whatever is it…its powerful!!  I’d like to think I’m special, but something tells me Kathy has that affect on more then just me.  That is what happens when you walk inside of Roseark.  There is magic there.  You will see collections you’ve never seen in your life and feel as though they are from another world.  You will see collections that you are familiar with but her selection keeps them fresh and unique.  Then of course there is Kathy’s line of beautious amulets and creatures.  The thing about Kathy’s pieces is that you can literally put on every piece from her case, and you feel as if they are your own,  enhancing your already decided upon look.  Her vibe is organic with a LUXE tone that is approachable.  Using nature as her inspiration, she infuses arrowheads, snakes, and eagles all with the very many assorted shapes and cuts of diamonds to turn them into living breathing ornaments on your body.

So B and I roll over there and seriously, what better sidekick to come on as Contributing Editor to this post than this one.   I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I enjoyed my time with Britt and Kathy at Roseark.  (“Thank You”, my special Ladies)


Roseark: 1111 N. Crescent Heights Boulevard/ West Hollywood/ CA 90046/ T. 310.395.6706



Kathy Rose Jewelry Case


Kathy wears: Kathy Rose Ring/ Diamond Stud Earring/ Jill Hoffmeister Diamond Ear Cuff


Britt wears: Made Her Think Silver Pave Ring/ Meredith Kahn Diamond Love Twist Ring/ Daniela Villegas Protection Ring and Blow Bracelet/ Baby Buddha Paris Bangles (her own)


Amazing Rock Creature!!/ Daniela Villegas Blow Bracelet, Potamoi Cuff and Protection Ring


Daniela Villegas Rafaga Opal and Lapis Wrap Bracelet, Wings Earrings (assorted)


Kathy wears: K. Brunini Ring (index)/ Kathy Rose Ring/ Kathy Rose Assorted Bangles/ Vintage Turquoise Cuff

Britt wears: Baby Buddha Paris Bangles (her own)/ Made Her Think Silver Pave Ring/ Meredith Kahn Diamond Love Twist/ BOAZ Pearl ring


BOAZ Jewelry Case


K. Brunini Jewels Jewelry Case


Hanut Singh Jewelry Case


Opal Pendant and Ring: Hanut Singh/ Meredith Kahn Diamond Love Twist Ring


Alan Stuck Rattle Snake Fang Charms


Britt wears: Runa Star Ear Cuff


Runa Jewelry Case


Assorted Miansai Naomi Cuffs


Huckleberry assorted Rings


Britt wears: Jacquie Aiche Ear Climber


With 13 years of jewelry experience, and decades of being obsessed with all things built with love and made to sparkle, OPJ is simply about, "other people's jewelry". Between having my own lines, Made Her Think and Meredith Kahn, my years of consulting and collaborative work with various Designers and Brands, Ive come across the most intriguing and inspiring bodies of work. In my curation of what has inspired me, Ive stored thousands of tear sheets, multiple collage journals and drawers of vintage and antique jewelry. I have met collectors, designers, obsesssers and muses that I feel it is my job to share with the Universe.


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