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August 29

Look to the Stars

Photo Courtesy of: Chanel

“Celeste Brooch” (as pictured above)  is part of the “Bijoux de Diamants”.  This collection celebrates  Chanel’s 80th Anniversary of Chanel Fine Jewelry .

For Centuries we have been looking up.  The stars take us home,  and the moon brings us the tide (while it toys with our emotions).  Together the moon and stars tell us who we will be and how we will function.  The sky brings us the light, the dark, the clouds, the rain and snow, thunder and lightening, and is filled with mysteries that keep Astronomers up late at night searching for answers to infinite questions.

Aside from all this mysterious magic, let’s not forget it’s beauty.  Some of the seduction is simply, how damn beautiful it is. Getting lost between the stars is what the Night Sky is all about. The beauty of the sky of course cannot be captured, however, for decades, jewelers have been paying homage in their own ways by creating their own little pieces of magic.

Of course, H. Stern and Chanel have claimed this territory as well as newcomers like Kismet by Milka, Colette Jewelry and my new favorite discovery, Bibi Van Der Velden.  How can anyone not be inspired by the magic of the night?  This is NOT a trend.  Trends die.  The Cosmic Universe will  forever be rediscovered over and over again, as it is by the many designers featured below.



“Cloud Collection” Courtesy of: Bibi Van Der Velden




Runa “Storm Mono Earring” (avail: modaoperandi.com)

Renee Lewis “Pearl and Diamond-Rimmed ‘shake’ pendant Necklace” (avail: www.barneys.com)

H. Stern “Anel Highlight Star Top Ring”.  Photo courtesy of Cindy Tong

Pamela Love Fine Jewelry “Sapphire, Black Diamond and Gold ‘Luna’ Ring” (avail: www.barneys.com)

Kisment by Milka “Eter Crescent Ring” (avail: www.kismetbymilka.com)

Dries Van Noten “Crystal Star Necklace”


Photo Courtesy of: www.scalaregia.blogspot.com

Queen Amelia of Portugal “Diamond Star Necklace”




Dior “Virgo Pendant” (Photo courtesy of: Dior)

Kismet by Milka “White Diamond Single Star Earring” (avail: www.365ist.com )

Renee Lewis “Antique Crescent and Snake Necklace” (photo courtesy of: www.beladora.com)

Sophie Brille “Brahe Dauphin Etoile Earring” (avail: www.net-a-porter.com)

Solange Azagury-Partridge “Pisces Ring” (avail: www.solange.co.uk)

Kismet & Millo Collaboration “Black Diamond Star Ear Cuff” (avail: www.designsbymillo.com)



Photo courtesy of: H. Stern

H. Stern Star Jewelry being worked on at the Rio de Janiero workshops


Photo Courtesy of: Neiman Marcus

H. Stern “Star Collection”



Photo Courtesy of: Harper’s Bazaar

Dries Van Noten “Star Tassel Neckalce”



Givenchy “Pale Gold Small Star Shark Earring” (avail: www.barneys.com)

Renee Lewis “Pearl and Diamond Moon Drop Earrings” (avail: www.barneys.com)

Holly Dyment “Diamond Crescent Earrings” (avail: www.hollydyment.com)

H. Stern “Diamond Star and Colored Stone Earrings” (avail: www.hstern.net)



All Jewelry Courtesy of: Colette Jewelry


Photo Courtesy of:  Colette Jewelry








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