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November 5

Paige Novick’s new line PHYNE is so FINE!!!

If you have loved what Paige Novick has done with her eponymous line of Fashion Jewelry so far, wait til you see what she is doing now!

You have probably already noticed how many of the jewelry brands you love are up to bat in the field of Fine Jewelry.   This is not an easy task, and it doesn’t always work or make sense.  There has been a big BOOM in the Fine Jewelry world, and Paige Novick has jumped onto the bandwagon…..and it is totally WORKING!

Paige invited me to her presentation last week to check out the new collection for Spring 2015, and I wanted to walk out of there with everything.  The way she embraces who she is and conveys her already established aesthetic into her new Fine Jewelry Collection has proven to be a beautiful success.  Join me in perusing her collection of wire collars and cuffs, ear climbers and jackets, and a plethora of delicate ways to adorn your digits.

PHYNE by Paige Novick

Phyne Neck

wire necks

hand on neck

Phyne rings on handmePhyne ear climbers


Wire cuffs





With 13 years of jewelry experience, and decades of being obsessed with all things built with love and made to sparkle, OPJ is simply about, "other people's jewelry". Between having my own lines, Made Her Think and Meredith Kahn, my years of consulting and collaborative work with various Designers and Brands, Ive come across the most intriguing and inspiring bodies of work. In my curation of what has inspired me, Ive stored thousands of tear sheets, multiple collage journals and drawers of vintage and antique jewelry. I have met collectors, designers, obsesssers and muses that I feel it is my job to share with the Universe.


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